About Underworld-

A streetwear brand based on the spirit of BBOY was formally established in 2007.

The brand spirit aims to promote street dance and street culture, promotes street dance teaching, organizes and sponsors many national and international street dance competitions

The clothing part is extended with BBOY clothing as the core. The appearance of the street design concept and carefully selected protective materials have launched a series of BBOY special protective gear and clothing works, which are loved by well-known foreign dancers.

Since its establishment, it has become a designated brand for many internationally renowned BBOY. In the future, it will present the cultural charm of street dance in a more diversified way, so that friends who like street dance and street culture have more choices

Of course, we don’t forget to gradually improve Underworld’s global customer service. In order to give you peace of mind, we provide consumers with a variety of payment methods, including credit card payment, PayPal payment, home delivery, and supermarket pickup and payment. Options.

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