Underworld Spin 4 pannel cap
Underworld Spin 4 pannel cap
The split hat exclusively for rotation is made of nylon mesh foam fabric, and the double-layered pockets are sewn. It adds multi-purpose functions, strengthens the elasticity and thick effect, breaks through the traditional head-turning cap design, and has a small and considerate design. Sign the exclusive nickname on the inner lining signature column, showing UNDERWORLD's intentions for BBOY exclusive products.
Colour: Black
Size: FREE Size (head circumference 56CM, adjustable left and right 3.5CM)
        KID Size (Head circumference 54CM, adjust and stretch left and right 3.5CM)
█ Patented product, counterfeiting must be investigated / patented product, counterfeiting not allowed
PS. The inner cushion needs to be purchased separately, the following platform. The top ten bidders in the store will give it away for free
Purchase information:
█ International Trade: [email protected]
█ Official website: https://pse.is/4pbkyv
█ Official Kimo online store: https://pse.is/4jykyf
█ Shopee Auction: https://sho.pe/4nz699
█ Instagram : underworldgear
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